Noise Reduction Headphones…..

Seriously…. I need to say more?

Noisy flights…. noisy trains…. noisy buses…. noisy room mates…

Upgraded from my Panasonic version (too tight fit over the ears when wearing glasses = sore ears!) to the Bose version (while on a drive trip though USA in 2011 – stopped into one of the outlet Malls in Texas… another story I think!)

Would not travel without them now…. cuts the ambient noise, while allowing me to hear the steward ask if I want the beef curry or chicken masala… and determine my beverage of choice.

Travel buddy Bec also purchased a pair, and J traded his old version for a new one for a very reasonable price.

J swears by his for those train journeys to Sydney…. and has also made use of them while working in his office cubicle. Cuts out the irritating continuous noise which is otherwise distracting to hard-working guys…..

As Bose themselves say ” Think of QuietComfort headphones as a reprieve from the noisy world around you. Whether it’s engine roar inside a plane, the bustle of the city or distractions in the office, QuietComfort headphones help them fade softly into the background.” (not a sponsor – unfortunately!)



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