Our Peter Pan Story

Why travel the world searching out Peter Pan statues?

J became aware that there are 7 statues – six replicas were cast from the original mould of the famous Peter Pan statue which is located in London’s Kensington Gardens in England – and it became a mission to see them all.

In 2009 we were in Perth, Western Australia for mum’s 80th birthday and stayed not far from Queens Park where one of the replicas is situated. As I am originally from Perth, J was amazed I had never told him about the statue despite his fascination with never growing up.

We went for a visit:


Peter Pan Statue & J

Queens Gardens, Perth, Western Australia 13 September 2009

(I take credit for the poor quality of the photo… can anyone say ‘flash filler’?)

When J turned 50 in 2010 we headed overseas for a long trip, with many things on his ‘bucket list’ to be crossed off. One of those items was to find, photograph and climb as many of the other statues as we could.

During that amazing adventure we were able to locate 5 ……

Glenn Gould Park, Toronto, Canada, Peter Pan – This statue was erected in 1929 by the College Heights Association.

Peter Pan Statue & J

Toronto, Canada, 3  April 2010

(Photos are slowly getting better?)


Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey, Peter Pan – Located outside the Walt Whitman Arts Center it still remains in fine condition.

Peter Pan Statue & J

Camden, New Jersey USA 7 April 2010

(Photo slightly fuzzy? User error?)

Sefton Park, Liverpool Peter Pan – Unveiled in 1928 the statue was so badly vandalized it had to be fully restored. The pipe and one squirrel were missing and a fairy had half her head hacked off. The statue now resides within the gated enclosure of Palm House, in Sefton Park.

Peter Pan Statue & J

Sefton Park, Liverpool, UK 7 June 2010

(Subject not smiling? – Can only work with what I have!)

Can you see the scar?

Kensington Gardens, London, England, Peter Pan – The original and much-loved statue of Peter Pan was commissioned by the author himself. Peter’s pipe is often stolen but it is always promptly replaced.


Peter Pan Statue & J

Kensington Gardens, London, UK 14 June 2010

(A half decent photo!)

Egmont Park, Brussels, Belgium, Peter Pan – Presented to the country in 1924 by sculptor Frampton following World War One. The inscription translates to “A bond of friendship between the children of Great Britain and the children of Belgium”. Today the statue is in a pretty poor state and bears the scars of a few bullet holes (compliments of World War II ).

Peter Pan Statue & J

Egmont Park, Brussels, Belgium 15 June 2010

(Damn the hat shadow!)

The final statue was elusive, and would remain so until 2011 when we detoured from a trip to the United States and headed North – to Canada.

Bowring Park, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, Peter Pan – This statue was commissioned in 1925 by Sir Edgar Rennie Bowring in memory of his granddaughter who died at sea. The inscription reads “In memory of a little girl who loved the Park.”

Peter Pan Statue & J

Bowring Park, St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada 17 Oct 2011

(New camera!)

 We met many people at the different statues and J was always quick to tell the story of the seven statues, inspiring some to say ‘that is a great reason to travel’


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    User error? Such a good photo with the new camera!

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