Texas!  I’m using a different device to create this post so please overlook any weird bits of formatting…….. Had a hair cut in New Mexico and answered all his questions about the dangerous critters in Australia. He asked how I got the scar on the side of my neck and was disappointed when I said […]

When you read the title, did you imagine a little guy running about a paradise island, in a white suit, pointing to the sky?? If so, welcome to my mind 🙂 if not, sorry 😦 So what’s it all about? Are we heading off in a little plane, to a little island? No. We are […]

   A SkyWheel giving tourists a great view over Helsinki Harbour….. The flattest city ever – just what are you looking at?    Walking roller coaster in Duesberg, Germany……. Obviously you don’t walk the loop…. Two giant rodents on the streets of Hamelin, Germany where the Pied Piper did his thing. I’ve tentatively titled this […]

Paris! and Helsinki! and Berlin! (plus other bits in the surrounding countries) and Jurassic Coast, England Woohoo….. now all I need to do is ensure I renew my passport before Christmas 🙂 (All photos taken on previous visits, obviously, since we haven’t left on this trip yet)

Only one more sleep in Australia, and then we’ll be in New York for our next adventure….. so excited 🙂 Things we have sort of planned: 1. Baseball game – New York Yankees vs Toronto Blu Jays. What do we know about baseball? Nothing!! and that’s part of the adventure. 2. Hunting down the sculptures […]

Here we are in January, sitting around in our very comfortable hotel room in London while booking accommodation and planning the itinerary for the New York & Niagara Falls part of our April adventure. Gotta love life

Guess where we went today?