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After arriving early on Christmas morning we spent a day of good friends, good food and good cheer (and lots of alcohol, naturally) Boxing Day saw us attend (but not participate in – we’re not that mad!) a charity swim, in the freezing waters off West Bay, Dorset. It was a drizzling day and the […]

It’s almost time to be ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ again. The fridge / freezer has been sorted out ready for our house sitters to restock with their supplies, guest bedroom and bathroom clean as a hotel, instructions for using laundry, dishwasher, TV and associated technology printed out and left in a prominent position. I’ve […]

Did the NYC New Year’s Eve thing in Times Square…. I remember it as a cold, cold 2008 night – so cold that the small bottle of water we had in our backpack froze while we were standing out there waiting for the ball to drop! New Year’s Eve in New York City was one […]

I know at least one person who would say that travel plans aren’t finalised until the plane is in the air and a drink is in his hand, but I like to think that if I have made a booking handed over all my money or frequent flyer points chosen and paid for seats thought […]

In February this year we caught up via Skype with friends who are now based in the UK. We have stayed with them several times, passing through on our travels to other locations. They discussed us coming for a longer visit, not just dropping in but having extended time to catch up. Having spent a […]

We were up and about early on Thursday morning to take a 4 am transfer to San Jose International Airport for our 6.40 am flight. Having done some research we knew we needed to pay our departure tax and fill out our customs form before attempting to check in our luggage and receive our boarding […]