Ep 5 – 2017 ‘Big Birthday’ World Tour

Leaving Canada 

Our last week in Canada seemed to fly by with packing, sorting and organising, but we managed to have some fun and relax.

We caught one final concert,  seeing Thomas Rhett. It seemed the uniform for the night was flannel with a large proportion of the audience wearing it. Drinking too much overpriced beer and turning up late were also commonly seen audience behaviors, but the show itself was awesome. Great showman, fantastic stage presence. No photos of the show tho. 

A large part of our reorganising of luggage was because a friend whom we had met on a tour in 2010 was now living in Seattle and had very kindly offered to look after our surplus that we wouldn’t need on the cruise, including our summer wear for Hong Kong, 60 CDs and various miscellaneous objects. So after sorting out our gear we headed across the border to the USA to catch up again with Helena.

Is the message that all who cross here give up hope? (Sorry for focus issues, we were moving at the time 😉)

We gave crossed the US / Canadian border several times in the past, but this time was different. We were questioned about our activities in Canada, where we had been, our purpose for visiting, where we were heading to in the US, why, who we were seeing, how we knew them, how often we visit north America, were we independently wealthy?????? It felt almost like an interrogation – we felt it prudent not to mention that we’d met Helena on a tour in Syria back in 2010!

Crossing back over into Canada 5 hours later was much of the same, the Canadian border guard was most concerned our friend hadn’t given us drugs or firearms to bring back north.  

Accommodation in Vancouver was at a premium that weekend so J surprised me with a B&B for our last two Canadian nights. It was themed, comfortable and very cute. 

Too cute!

All rooms were ‘Princess’ themed – J booked the Tinkerbell room, naturally ❤

Yes, that bed was as soft and comfy as it looks! 

Our final family farewell in Canada – we caught up with Skye one last time for an all you could eat sushi lunch – yum! It’s always difficult saying goodbye when you’re not sure when you’ll catch up again,  but hopefully not too long away. Luckily  (or maybe not?) social media makes it so much easier to be part of each other’s lives.

After this photo I realised my hair was out of control so on the way home from lunch we stopped off so I could get my hair cut – $10 Canadian, bargain!

Until next time ❤ xx


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  1. Helena · · Reply

    It was great seeing you two!

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