Ep 1 – 2017 ‘Big Birthday’ World Tour


I’m using a different device to create this post so please overlook any weird bits of formatting……..

Had a hair cut in New Mexico and answered all his questions about the dangerous critters in Australia. He asked how I got the scar on the side of my neck and was disappointed when I said through surgery.  He was hoping that as an Australian I’d have a really exciting story about wrestling crocs or fighting off sharks…. Myth busted…..

Saw prairie dogs playing at a rest area – pretty cute. 

Cute but hard to photograph, fast little buggers!

While waiting in the car in Las Cruces a roadrunner came up to my door, looking to eat bugs guts splattered all over the front of the car – naturally I leaned out of the window to say “meep meep”. He didn’t answer. 

Wandered Fort Worth before having lunch and ice cold goblets of beer under the watchful gaze of the three wise bison.

Three wise bison, and ice cold beer

Drove 1000 km to have lunch at Rosa’s Cantina in El Paso – stopped overnight on the way of course!

Woke up at 1am to find my bed shaking, the wall moving and a loud thumping noise coming from the room next door as the headboard of their bed bounced repeatedly off the dividing wall. 2 hours later they eventually finished their marathon. The next morning, through bleary eyes, we watched hotel guests at breakfast while we tried to pick who our neighbours may be.

Was amazed as we drove through west Texas with oil pumps scattered through the fields, while crops of wind turbines turned on the horizon behind them. The juxtaposition of farming both new and fossil fuels within a few miles of each other was unusual to witness.

Our new friend – we called him Derrick….

Bought new jeans from JC Penney for $2.97 + tax…my contribution to the American economy.

Watched a car hoon through the traffic on the express way in Dallas, only to quickly brake when he realised that last car he cut off was a police car, who equally efficiently pulled him over across three lanes of traffic.

Experienced the awesome Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood concert. For an old man (he’s 55) he puts on a brilliant show, constantly running around the stage. The show was organised so that all seats could  see the stage and he and his band made huge effort to interact with the audience in all areas. Played heaps of his classic songs and a few new ones. 

J also won a Garth Brooks CD on a free chocolate wheel game when we entered the stadium – he was particularly pleased as it was the only GB album he didn’t already have. 



  1. Tracey Byrne · · Reply

    I’m do intrigued love reading the stories 😉

  2. Tracey Byrne · · Reply

    I’m so intrigued love reading the stories 😉

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