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Ep 3 – 2017 ‘Big Birthday’ World Tour 

We Are Family!  This week has been all about family – saying goodbye, saying hello, and welcoming the new.  Goodbye Cindy and Peter 😭 There were tears…. Hello Mikayla, J’s niece in Whistler Hello Halifax Edwin James Murray – J’s grandson……Welcome to the family ❤ Of course there has been fun and games along the way […]

The changing face of Canada 

Driving to Drumheller and back to Vancouver we experienced many different scenes outside the car windows….. Salmon Arm Nearing Banff Closing in on Lake Louise  On the way to Drumheller – that’s a wildlife bridge  Badlands of Drumheller Those hoodoos  Prarie plains on the Icefields Parkway Plains covered with snow  Beginning of conifers  The reason […]

Ep 2 – 2017 ‘Big Birthday’ World Tour  

Canada and Family Time Warning – lots of photos  The week began innocently enough with a flight up to Vancouver. Train ride to downtown and a brisk walk brought us to our hotel, and a long lift ride delivered us to the top floor (30!) to be greeted with hugs from my sister, her husband […]

Ep 1 – 2017 ‘Big Birthday’ World Tour

Texas!  I’m using a different device to create this post so please overlook any weird bits of formatting…….. Had a hair cut in New Mexico and answered all his questions about the dangerous critters in Australia. He asked how I got the scar on the side of my neck and was disappointed when I said […]