The Plan, The Plan


When you read the title, did you imagine a little guy running about a paradise island, in a white suit, pointing to the sky?? If so, welcome to my mind 🙂 if not, sorry 😦

So what’s it all about? Are we heading off in a little plane, to a little island? No.

We are heading off in a big plane, to a big continent where we will then travel by car, plane, boat (probably more accurately described as a ship), train – I assume no horses, donkeys or camels, but one never knows when they head off on an adventure with J.

After that big continent we will visit a smaller island and then an even smaller island (which has a HUGE population!)

Intrigued yet? No? Go have a coffee / tea / milo / beer / wine then…….

The big continent is the Americas! We head into Dallas, Fort Worth where we will pick up a car and almost immediately head east to Nashville, home of country music. Given J’s latest gig as a presenter on the local  community country music station, it just makes sense. Hoping to get tips on some great American  songs / song writers before they are released back home.

After the Nashville round trip we are flying up to Vancouver for some family time. My niece lives there and my two sisters are planning to fly in to join my Big Birthday Celebration. I’m planning on heading out for some ribs, wings and local beers – not sure what everyone else is doing  😉

After a few road trips through British Columbia we split up and our adventure continues up to Alaska via the Inside Passage on a cruise ship from Vancouver. From Anchorage we will fly back down to Seattle where we plan to take Amtrak across to Chicago (The Empire Builder route).

Picking up a hire car in Chicago, we will head west (Go west, young man!) I’d like to step out onto Custer Battlefield in Montana (which according to google is only 17 hours from Chicago airport – and crosses Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota and the tip of Wyoming. They have tiny states there!) Along the way we will visit the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota during Volksmarch, when we are allowed to go up the monument. I can’t really see us passing through Iowa without revisiting Dyersville, home of Field of Dreams.

After our American adventure we head to the United Kingdom, Ireland to begin with. After a week we head South, flying into London and travelling down to the Jurassic Coast to revisit old friends and get reacquainted with those made on the last few visits.

To finish up and allow our bodies to slowly become used to our time zone we have a stop in Hong Kong on the way home. A week of eating, sleeping and shopping before one last over night flight (in Premium Economy, thank goodness) to touch down in Sydney.

14 weeks – it’s going to be a blast!!

PS: just because it’s written here, and it looks like a plan, doesn’t EVER mean it’s set in stone. There will be changes, adjustments and alterations – most of which will probably be made while we are on the road! Watch this space for updates.



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