Weird Stuff from ‘On the Road’ Summer 15-16


A SkyWheel giving tourists a great view over Helsinki Harbour….. The flattest city ever – just what are you looking at? 


Walking roller coaster in Duesberg, Germany……. Obviously you don’t walk the loop….

Two giant rodents on the streets of Hamelin, Germany where the Pied Piper did his thing. I’ve tentatively titled this one ‘rat-a-two-ie’

  I have no idea…… Tourist attraction near Edersee, Germany – just up from one of the dams bombs were dropped on during the war (Dam Busters movie)


Found in a German supermarket…..


I know what it means – exit (out drive to be precise) – but I still giggled/snorted every time we passed the signs on the Autobahn 😉


One comment

  1. When I lived there, Ausfahrt never got old. NEVER.

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