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Long Journey Home

We were up and about early on Thursday morning to take a 4 am transfer to San Jose International Airport for our 6.40 am flight. Having done some research we knew we needed to pay our departure tax and fill out our customs form before attempting to check in our luggage and receive our boarding […]

Souvenir from Mexico


United States of …… Australia?

Spent some time at the local police station here in Antigua, Guatemala. Also had my first ever ride in a police car to get there too, but that’s not the point of this post. We had to fill out a police report for insurance purposes due to John having his pants pocket slashed from mid […]

Crossing the Border – Part 2

(Written by John, edited only a wee bit by Tansia) Border crossings can be easy or hard. The border between Mexico and Guatemala should have been easy. Yes, we had to drag our luggage down the hill but the walk across the border should have been easy……the immigration process should have been easy, the bus […]

Crossing the Border – Part 1

(Originally written by John, edited slightly by Tansia) Wednesday – what a day. We were up early to be picked up at 6:30 am. Cold shower in freezing temps – it’s been hot other mornings – think gas ran out last night when we were cooking? John shivers. Tansia passes. Dressed and patiently stand outside […]

Mexico – Learnin’ and Stuff!

Things I’ve learned in Mexico so far: (firsthand experience is a wonderful teacher): We’ve been in Mexico almost a week and I’m doing the learning rather than the teaching which has been great. Even better – some if it I’ll be able to use with my students when I get home (except the alcohol stuff […]