After leaving the chill (understatement!!) of Finland we arrived at Heathrow airport, to a quick passport and customs check and made our way out into the night. Having been here and done that so many times we easily located the transport to take us to our hire car. The driver recognised our accents and welcomed […]

No one expected New Year’s Eve in Helsinki to be a balmy warm night – climate change hasn’t had THAT big an impact here! Having been on this rodeo before, we knew what to expect and prepared accordingly. Thermal long pants, thermal long sleeve undershirt, shirt, long pants, down vest, long (over the hips) windproof […]

  Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, J decided we should get active and do something – like take a long walk. Now I thought that all the times we had meandered into the city centre, investigated the retail opportunities and wandered the winter wonderland WERE being active, but apparently I was (yet again) wrong. Helsinki is […]

Yesterday’s walk was around town – today we headed a bit further out – not too far though, just the wrong (other) side of the tracks 😉 We wandered through the grounds of the University of Helsinki Botanical Gardens at Kaisaniemi. It was a chilly day out, the big display was showing 3 degrees, but […]

There we were just a-walkin’ down the street……. Yesterday was a day for exploring Helsinki, even though we have been here before. Wandering streets, in and out of shops (I know that’s a surprise for some of you!), taking photos of whatever took my interest. One thing we did find amazing was the very, very […]

Why Finland, I hear you ask…..Why not? is my answer…. But it’s cold, and dark for most of the day, and snowy, and quiet, and a long way away….. EXACTLY!! Today, at 9.40am, the sun rose 10 minutes ago (although with the cloud cover I doubt we will see it), the temperature is -3 degrees […]

Rails, road and sweet, sweet music 🎶  2790 km by train – Amtrak Empire Builder 8817 km by car Amtrak – Seattle to Chicago Getting to the Amtrak station in Seattle was a piece of amazing logistics by J. We headed to the car rental return to drop the car off and loaded our luggage […]